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30 March 2020

FlexQube wins order to train manufacturing plant in New York worth 1.6MSEK

Anders Fogelberg

Anders Fogelberg


FlexQube wins order to train manufacturing plant in New York worth 1.6MSEK

FlexQube has won an order to a train manufacturer in New York worth 1.6MSEK. FlexQube has been working with this train manufacturer for over 9 months. During this time there was an ongoing process of online exploratory meetings. During these online meetings, we were able to outline the needs of the customer and begin sketching ideas for cart and rack designs. The purpose of this project was to improve the process of doors being delivered to the line. At first, the custom carts will be used to hold the materials between the supplier and the manufacturing plant. After which they will be placed on carts to be delivered to the manufacturing line.

FlexQube had supplied a number of designs to help improve their internal processes. In the end over 60 pieces of Q-100-3034, 20 pieces of Q-100-2796, 8 pieces of Q-100-3199, 5 pieces of Q-100-3073, plus a few individual shelf and pallet carts were selected by the manufacturer.

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This combination of carts will help the manufacturer improve the processes from the warehouse directly to the assembly line. You can see a short summary of each of the industrial carts purchased below:

Kit Rack 1470mm x 1470 mm – Q-100-3034

This custom kit rack is what will be used to hold the doors of the train while waiting to be moved to the assembly line. This rack was custom-designed to fit the exact needs of this train manufacturer, while it can be customized to fit other needs in the future. It comes with four forklift pockets so the rack can be transported to the assembly line.

Pallet Cart 1540 x 1540 mm – Q-100-3073

This pallet cart is a simple design to improve the transportation of pallets and containers to the assembly line. It is very durable and robust with a maximum load capacity of 2000lbs / 907 kg and comes equipped with four high-quality polyurethane casters. Two of the four casters have brakes on the caster to keep the cart secure when not in use.

Shelf Cart – 1260 x 2870 mm – Q-100-2796

This shelf cart was also custom-designed for this project and is designed to improve the transportation of bins and totes from the warehouse to the assembly line. It comes with ergonomic handles on either side for easier maneuverability as well. On top of this, it can be moved via forklift as it has four forklift pockets equipped to both the long and short sides.

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