31 March 2020

FlexQube provides carts for the healthcare industry

Anders Fogelberg

Anders Fogelberg

How Kit-carts with extendable shelvesthe FlexQube Concept has helped Getinge

FlexQube has been able to help a vast number of industries with the transportation and presentation of their materials.

As our customer base widens, this also includes the various sectors we have been able to help. While the majority of the industries, we have been ready to serve is automotive and tier-one suppliers, and distribution. The list of different sectors FlexQube has helped is, in fact, much more extensive, including industrial equipment, defense, transportation, energy, medical devices, and the healthcare industry.

FlexQube provides manufacturing carts to Macquet Critical Care

FlexQube has been providing kitting carts to the healthcare industry to Macquet Critical Care (part of the Getinge Group). These carts were used to carry kits of ingoing components to the assembly area. Following this, the same carts were used to conduct the final assembly on, so these carts were able to combine two pieces of material handling equipment (cart & assembly table) into one (FlexQube cart).

How the FlexQube Concept has helped Getinge


This was able to improve the quality significantly because the parts were stored in dedicated positions on the cart and then transported from the warehouse out to the assembly stations. The final work was then carried out with easy access to the FlexQube carts. This reduced the number of steps needed in the manufacturing of the ventilators by Macquet Critical Care. Using this process improved the quality of the manufacturing process, which is of the utmost importance when manufacturing healthcare products such as ventilators.

How the FlexQube Concept has helped Getinge

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How the FlexQube Concept has helped Macquet Critical Care

Using the FlexQube concept Getinge was able to combine four standard carts; a 3 in 1 cart, kit-cart, transport cart, and an assembly cart. The reason why we have been able to help so many industries is because of the robustness and flexibility of the FlexQube concept. Having an idea of a few standard building blocks lets our customers create a wide range of carts suited to their needs. These can be as simple as a standard base cart design for moving pallets and containers all the way to help custom kit carts you see above.

How the FlexQube Concept has helped Getinge

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