26 August 2020

FlexQube is beginning to offer virtual AGV demos for customers

Joar Manhed

Joar Manhed

AGV System Product Manager

eQart Demo

FlexQube is proud to announce that we have begun offering online virtual demos of our AGVs.

Because we have found great success with offering online design on-demand sessions we wanted to continue with the theme of online meetings. The virtual demos will be set up like a regular demo however just through an online meeting platform. The customer will have the opportunity to send through their own layout plan prior to the demo so we can recreate the layout as if we were in their facility. In real-time, the layout and route will be created and a full online demonstration will be provided to the customer. This allows both FlexQube personnel and our customers to receive a complete AGV demo while maintaining social distancing protocols.

So what is it?

Experience the AGV in operation during a one-hour live-streamed demo from the FlexQube headquarters. During this time you will be able to ask all of your questions directly to our product experts, similar to any real-life demonstration.

How will the virtual demo be done?

You will be able to book a virtual demo through the booking link and you can select a time that suits you. You will join the demo through a Microsoft Teams meeting and receive a full view of the AGV demo area.

What will be demonstrated?

During the demo, we will demonstrate a complete route and a use case will be set up during the demo including the following topics:

  • Overview of the AGV technology and the building blocks
  • Unboxing
  • Setting up of the route
  • Recording of the route
  • Navigation and daily operations
  • Safety demonstration
  • Questions?

If you are interested in joining us for an AGV demo you can book a time slot through the below link:

Book your demo here

Just looking for some general AGV info? Ask here

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