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15 February 2017

FlexQube helps a US forklift manufacturer become forklift free!

Marcos Garrido

Marcos Garrido

Regional Sales Manager Mexico South

3 in1 mother daughter carts

FlexQube Inc. has received an order worth 000 from a forklift manufacturer in USA. The order is for a 3-in-1 mother-daughter cart system that will improve the efficiency in the material flow setup but also reduce forklift traffic since the cart system will be pulled by a tugger.

The system is equipped with a hitch system and is intended to be used in a tugger train where several mother carts are connected toghether. The daughter carts (the three small carts in each mother frame) can be disconnected individually from the mother cart and placed at work stations or production cells. The carts have shelves to store bins and totes. This enables an efficient material flow, without the use of forklifts.

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3 in1 mother daughter carts
3 in 1 mother daughter cart system by FlexQube shelf carts
Different pictures of FlexQube's 3 in 1 Mother-daughter system
3 in 1 mother daughter cart by FlexQube
3 in1 mother daughter system
Modular industrial daughter cart by FlexQube