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25 June 2019

All You Need to Know About Starting Out with Pallet Trolleys

All You Need to Know About Starting Out with Pallet Trolleys

Pallet trolleys or pallet carts are some of the most versatile material handling equipment used in today’s manufacturing facilities. Their popularity is due to the ease at which they can be used and the option of customizing the trolleys to meet a facility’s exact needs. So, before integrating pallet trolleys into your manufacturing facility, here are the things you need to know.

Pallet Trolleys are Customizable

No matter how unique your material handling requirements are, a FlexQube pallet trolley can be configured to meet it. You can choose to add a handling device for smooth movement, four-wheels for maneuverability, and add a unique top structure based on your materials.  In terms of size, you can also choose specific dimensions for your pallet trolleys. This ensures your pallet trolleys can fit comfortably on aisles and navigation pathways in your facility.


Pallet Trolleys are Easy to Maintain

First and foremost, pallet trolleys are safer to use across shop floors than other materials handling solutions. In particular, when compared to forklifts, they are much more reliable and far more efficient. This is due to their build and structure. The open structure of pallet trolleys also makes them easy to maintain and use for a long time, as long as, they are properly used. Using FlexQube pallet trolleys makes it even easier to maintain a high level of performance from your carts. With our modular system, any damaged parts or casters on your trolleys can be easily replaced, rather than having to purchase a new pallet trolley. Which is what would be needed if the cart was welded. Other tips on proper use include not riding on pallet trolleys and regulating load among others, which can be found in this article on pallet truck maintenance.

Ensure Shop Floors are Properly Maintained

The layout of your shop floor is also an important factor that must be considered when planning to integrate pallet trolleys. Pallets require smooth and navigable pathways to perform at their best when transporting loads. An optimal condition is when there are no debris, slopes, and obstacles that can hamper the movement of pallet trolleys across shop floors. However, our carts can have different casters added to their base in case your facility isn’t in perfect condition damage. FlexQube pallet trolleys also can be transported outside between different warehouses without the need to replace the carts. However, considering the floor can help reduces the possibility of pallet-related accidents and also increases the lifespan of pallet trolleys.

Pallet Trolleys are Compatible with Industry 4.0 Concepts

Facility owners looking to make a move to Industry 4.0 can also take advantage of the customizable nature of pallet trolleys for their automated systems. You can choose to equip your pallet trucks with automated features such as RFIDs, and other tracking solutions when needed.

FlexQube pallet trolleys can also be designed to be compatible with automated systems such as an automated guided vehicle or Tugger trains. Our pallet trolleys also can be easily upgraded to the eQart®, which is FlexQube’s new smart cart. Thus, when making a move to Industry 4.0, FlexQube pallet trolleys provide a far cheaper material handling equipment alternative that can be used at will.

Pallet Trolleys are Compatible with Every Industry

Today, pallets are used in transporting materials across almost all warehouses and factories regardless of what is produced. The extensive uses and the ease of use have made pallet carts some of the most comment pieces of equipment found in these facilities. While there have been many new forms of technology and equipment being developed, the pallet cart is still here to stay. The ability to integrate pallet trolleys everywhere lies once again in the customizable nature of these industrial workhorses we can’t do without.

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