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The eQart®

A flexible, affordable and user-friendly automation concept.

FlexQube eQart Explosionszeichnung

Based on the FlexQube concept.

A smart and motorized FlexQube cart. Motors, battery, and cameras are added to a regular FlexQube cart.

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Smart Cart -840 x 1260 mm/eQart - Flow Rack EU 840 x 1260 mm/eQart - Flow Shelf EU 840 x 1260 mm

Choose the right top structure for your facility.

Make factory and warehouse transports more efficient.



Mother Daughter.

Navigate in various scenarios.

A to B.

Round Loop.


Outstanding size flexibility.

910x840 eQart

Ready for heavy duty movements.

Max 4400 lbs in towing weight Max 2200 Ibs on the eQart

Easy Implementation.

Safety according to ISO 13489:1

2 x Hokuyo Safety scanners

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Diameter 200 mm
Type Brushed DC motor
Power 400 W
Brake Solenoid, Failsafe
Wheel surface Polyurethane
Max speed 3.6 km/h


Sense Dual side fish eye camera
Lighting Dual side white LED
Sound Integrated buzzer
Wi-Fi Yes, 2 x external antennas
Connectors Plug and play
Safety 1 x Safety relay


Structure 5 mm steel
Visualization Full-color dynamic LED
Safety Integrated 270º Safety scanner


Battery type Lithium-Ion
Capacity 60 Ah
Cycle life 700 cycles
Max charge 20 A


Screen 10.5 inch
Casing Aluminum
Attachment Magnetic
Charge In attachment
Operating system Android
Connectivity 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
FlexQube Midwest Sales Manager Andy Legut
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FlexQube Midwest Sales Manager Andy Legut

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