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The eQart®

A flexible, affordable and user-friendly automation concept.

FlexQube eQart Explosionszeichnung

Based on the FlexQube concept.

A smart and motorized FlexQube cart. Motors, battery, and cameras are added to a regular FlexQube cart.

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Smart Cart -840 x 1260 mm/eQart - Flow Rack EU 840 x 1260 mm/eQart - Flow Shelf EU 840 x 1260 mm

Choose the right top structure for your facility.

Make factory and warehouse transports more efficient.



Mother Daughter.

Navigate in various scenarios.

A to B.

Round Loop.


Outstanding size flexibility.

Ready for heavy duty movements.

Max 4400 lbs in towing weight Max 2200 Ibs on the eQart

Easy Implementation.

Safety according to ISO 13489:1

2 x Hokuyo Safety scanners

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Diameter 200 mm
Type Brushed DC motor
Power 400 W
Brake Solenoid, Failsafe
Wheel surface Polyurethane
Max speed 3.6 km/h


Sense Dual side fish eye camera
Lighting Dual side white LED
Sound Integrated buzzer
Wi-Fi Yes, 2 x external antennas
Connectors Plug and play
Safety 1 x Safety relay


Structure 5 mm steel
Visualization Full-color dynamic LED
Safety Integrated 270º Safety scanner


Battery type Lithium-Ion
Capacity 60 Ah
Cycle life 700 cycles
Max charge 20 A


Screen 10.5 inch
Casing Aluminum
Attachment Magnetic
Charge In attachment
Operating system Android
Connectivity 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
FlexQube Midwest Sales Manager Andy Legut
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FlexQube Midwest Sales Manager Andy Legut

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