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The eQart®

A flexible, affordable and user-friendly automation concept.

eQart by FlexQube

Based on the FlexQube concept.

A smart and motorized FlexQube cart. Motors, battery, and cameras are added to a regular FlexQube cart.

Smart Cart -840 x 1260 mm/eQart - Flow Rack EU 840 x 1260 mm/eQart - Flow Shelf EU 840 x 1260 mm

Choose the right top structure for your facility.

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Make factory and warehouse transports more efficient.

  • How long is the implementation time?

    To implement the eQart, it is generally quite short. It comes down to different factors such as the length of the route and the number of stations that are needed along each route. Generally, most eQart routes can be set-up and mapped within 2 hours.

  • What is the weight capacity of the eQart?

    The rated weight capacity of the eQart is 1000kg / 2200 lbs for a stand-alone eQart. The eQart can also tow up to 2000 kg / 4400 lbs in a tugger train.

  • Does the weight capacity change with a different size of eQart?

    No. The eQart is a robust and modular system with the base frames varying from a minimum size of 910 x 840 mm to a maximum capacity of 2510 x 2510 mm. No matter where your eQart falls on this size spectrum, it can be loaded with up to 1000 kg / 2200 lbs and tow up to 2000 kg / 4400 lbs.

  • Do we need to use magnetic tape?

    No, the eQart can follow any line that provides a contrast to the floor it is driving on. It uses a visual navigation system to read any type of tape and any primary color. By equipping the eQart with two cameras to track along the lines, we can ensure high tracking accuracy.

    We offer two tape options; one standard, more affordable version that comes included with the eQart and a more robust version developed for challenging environments with forklift traffic.

    There is also the option to paint the line on the floor to get an even more robust setup.

    This navigation system keeps the implementation costs down, cuts the time needed, and makes the overall process as simple as it should be.

  • What is the battery life of an eQart?

    The eQart can run for 8 hours of continuous driving, similar to a full working shift. The charge time is approx. 2 hours.

    Using a swap battery system, you can easily keep an extra battery charged for a quick toolless swap when the battery runs low.

  • Does the eQart need any internet connection?

    No, the eQart works as an independent system without any need for good WIFI signals in the factory or any servers running the background. Instead, the eQart creates a local WIFI-network that the included tablet connects to directly.

  • How do you make sure it does not run into objects?

    The eQart uses 2 safety rated laser scanners in opposite corners to create a 360º FOV around itself to detect any objects. When traveling in autonomous mode it is always looking ahead of itself to first try to slow down, if the object gets too close it will stop to wait for the object to move out of the way.

    The laser scanners create a 2D FOV 15 cm of the ground and cant detect objects over or under this. For scenarios, this is a concern you can add additional sensors to be able to detect additional objects.

  • Is it possible to automate my existing welded carts?

    You can either use an eQart for towing the existing carts, replace them by running goods on top of the eQart or add additional FlexQube tugger carts behind the eQart.

    The eQart is easy to integrate with your existing material handling fleet. With its size flexibility, from 840 mm up to 2510 mm, you can create a top structure that can accommodate the specific sizes of your goods.



Mother Daughter.


DANA is ready to meet future challenges with the eQart.

Easy Implementation.

Navigate in various scenarios.

A to B.

Round Loop.


Outstanding size flexibility.

910x840 eQart

Safety according to ISO 13489:1

2 x Hokuyo Safety scanners

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Speed and performance.

Max. Load Capacity 1000 kg / 2200 lbs
Max. Towing Capacity 2000 kg / 4400 lbs
Max. Speed 0.9 m/s
Max. Line-Follow Speed 0.6 m/s
Turning Radius 0 mm
Suspension Fixed
Station Accuracy ± 1 cm

Motor and drivers.

Diameter 200 mm
Type Brushless DC motor
Power 400 W
Brake Solenoid, Failsafe
Wheel surface Polyurethane
Max speed 3.6 km/h


Navigation Camera-based line-follow navigation
Lighting Dual side white LED
Sound Integrated buzzer
Wi-Fi Yes, 2 x external antennas


Visualization 4 Full-color dynamic LED in each corner
Safety Two safety rated 270º Hokuyo laser scanners offering a 360º view with no blind spots


Battery type Lithium-Ion
Capacity 60 Ah
Cycle life 700 cycles
25 A
One Charge One charge equals 8 hours operating time


Screen 10.2 inch
Casing Aluminum
Charge In attachment
Operating system Android
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