FlexQube and STILL Liftrunner Tugger Train System

FlexQube and STILL Liftrunner B-frame

FlexQube has a long history of successful implementations of tugger trains together with STILL Liftrunner Tugger Train System, often referred to as mother daugther cart systems. FlexQube can offer trolleys to any kind of frame offered by Liftrunner, which means for example, B-frames, E-frames or C-frames. FlexQube and STILL signed a supply and distribution agreement in September. 

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Download the 2017 company presentation from FlexQube.

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Video below shows FlexQube trolleys together with STILL Liftrunner E- and C-frames in USA (sold by KION Group NA in Summerville, SC).


Video below from Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology where FlexQube have more than 300 carts together with STILL Liftrunner E-frames.


Below is the solutions used by ASMO in North Carolina where FlexQube have carts with rollers integrated with STILL Liftrunner E-frames.

Standard EUR-pallet trolley with two-sided handle bar that works perfect with STILL Liftrunner E-frames.

Pallet container cart for still liftrunner e-frame


FlexQube and STILL Liftrunner B-frame Shelf Trolleys



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