Combat material variation and labor shortages in your warehouse with FlexQube solutions.


Material flow efficiency in your facility.

FlexQube is the perfect solution for companies in the warehouse industry looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our innovative, modular material handling carts are designed to increase flexibility and maneuverability, allowing your warehouse to adapt quickly to changing needs. Our carts are easy to assemble and reassemble, so you can quickly adjust your warehouse setup to optimize space and operations.

Combat warehouse problems.

Common warehouse industry challenges that impact overall efficiency include oversized goods and labor shortages. Not having the right solutions or labor force to manage various types of materials slows down operations.

Warehouse order picking
How To Increase Productivity Using Tugger Carts for Material Handling
Solutions for

Oversized Goods

A variety of goods are oversized in comparison to the capacity of the transportation method. As some companies need to transport largely sized materials, it’s essential to manage the intralogistics accordingly and adopt the proper transportation methods. FlexQube offers the solution to adapt transportation carts based on the material’s size and characteristics to match the customer’s need.

Solutions for

Labor Shortages

The battle between labor shortages and increased demand for warehouse workers is pressuring the warehousing industry. Managers need to implement long-term solutions to avoid slowdowns of warehouse operations due to labor shortages. FlexQube offers manual and AGV/AMR material handling carts that increase safety systems and optimize every shift’s performance.


FlexQube eQart - AGV in use at Signify
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