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FlexQube is the world’s first global and flexible concept for internal material handling carts. Instead of welding carts together you can use our concept to bolt carts and racks together. This makes them adjustable and possible to re-configure. We introduce our robust concept to the most globalized companies in the world that today use suppliers in an extremely fragmented market of similar equipment. These companies work with global production systems that enforce them to invest in flexible production concepts that can be globalized, hence implemented wherever in the world these companies have plants. FlexQube is the only supplier that meets these criteria and that has the possibility to be a global solution.
FlexQube’s standardized building blocks and design process called DesignOnDemand enables this without competition. The basis of the FlexQube concept is a Qube; a square shaped component, just like a dice. The dimension of the Qube is 7 x 7 centimeters. There is of course no coincidence that FlexQube has chosen 7 to be the basics of our concept. Using 7 as the basics in the concept for all our components will give our customers the most versatile and flexible system. The modularity in the concept comes from the interface that appears on all standard components of the concept which together with the robustness of the parts creates a winning combination to design and build material handling carts and racks prepared for the 21st century. We present the 8th wonder of the industrial world. Assembling is easy and there are many benefits to doing the assembly on your own. If this is not a suitable alternative, FlexQube can of course support the assembly for you.
Thanks to FlexQube® standards, a limited number of bolts and tools are needed during the assembly process. Most of the time a flat table is enough to assemble FlexQube trolleys in an efficient and safe way. FlexQube can provide assembly instructions for your specific solution to make the assembly even easier. FlexQube creates solutions based on your requirements to suit your specific needs while providing robust, modular and ergonomic solutions for material handling. In our Solutions Library you will find hundreds of different designs ready to order. It is also possible to download 3D PDFs or CAD files of these solutions so you can start modifying them on your own. The Solutions Library is divided into different categories and have filters so it is easy to find what you are looking for. The different categories are; Tugger Carts, Mother-Daughter Solutions, Kit Carts, Rotating & Tilt Carts, Carts for Hanging Components, Carts for Totes/Bins/Boxes, Carts with Rollers, Flatbeds/Pallet/Container Carts, Racks & Fixtures, Shelf Carts, Small Carts. It is possible to filter on different things like; AGV Compatible, EUR-pallet (Euro pallet), Flat Bed, Flat Shelf, Pipes, Rods, Rollers and more. Each solutions has a part number and a button called ‘Get Price’ so inquiries can be sent quick and easy to the FlexQube Sales Team. It is also possible to search for different designs and applications using the search field in the top of the page.
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