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9 May 2017

New order for 150 FlexQube trolleys to Brose Fahrzeugteile

FlexQube carts at Brose

New order for 150 FlexQube trolleys to Brose Fahrzeugteile

FlexQube has worked with Brose Fahrzeugteile in New Boston, USA since 2015 and delivered trolleys to their Liftrunner tugger train system distributed by KION Group North America. So far the implementation has worked out very well, with 100% forklift free areas in production by using the tugger train system to deliver totes, containers and boxes in different dimensions to and from the assembly lines. FlexQube has delivered trolleys that hold containers in size 48 x 45 inch as well as totes in size 15 x 24 inches. In addition to this FlexQube has also delivered some shelf trolleys, where two of these can be transported in one single Liftrunner Mother Frame at the same time. Find some images below of these solutions. Click the image to read the full case study.

This new order brings the total of FlexQube trolleys at the Brose facility in New Boston up to about 250.

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FlexQube carts at Brose
49 x 49 inch push cart with steel flat deck