13 July 2020

FlexQube’s Top Material Handling Carts for Manufacturing

Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy

Regional Sales Manager - Southeast

FlexQube’s Top Material Handling Carts for Manufacturing

Within manufacturing, material handling equipment is key in ensuring products are manufactured to a certain quality and on time.

The movement of different materials and ensuring they are delivered on time is integral to the success of manufacturing. The movement of materials could be anything from the delivering raw materials to the warehouse and providing sub-assembly kits to the assembly line.

FlexQube has been able to help many manufacturing customers along on a wide variety of the material handling process, including kit carts for easier assembly on the line, tugger carts for efficient material delivery and roller carts for ergonomic access to materials. Below we have outlined our top 5 material handling carts for improving material flow in manufacturing facilities.

eQart - Flat Deck US 48 x 48 inch

AGV Flat Deck US Size – 48 x 48 Inch – Q-041-0017

This AGV is ideal for automating simple processes within manufacturing facilities. It is designed to automatically bring materials and pallets from point A to point B. It has been used in delivery of goods from the warehouse to the kitting areas. It has a 1000kg load capacity and is navigated optically via tape or a painted line on the floor. This AGV also has a towing capacity of 2500kg while keeping a load capacity itself of 500kg, this gives you a total combined weight of 3000kg.

Pallet Tugger Cart - 1260 x 1260 mm

Tugger Cart – 50 x 50 Inch – Q-100-0112

This above tugger cart is one of our standard tugger carts for use with a tugger train system. Most commonly this cart is implemented when customers are eliminating forklift traffic and are instead opting for a delivery system via a tugger train. This cart can be towed by the above AGV which makes these two a great combination and a good first step into automation. This tugger cart is designed to the standard US sized pallet and has a load capacity of 1000kg.

Shelf Cart 55 x 41 inch

Shelf Cart 55 x 41 Inch – Q-100-0609

This industrial shelf cart is ideal for transporting smaller materials within manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing makes use of many smaller containers such as totes, bins, and small boxes to transport many small objects. These objects could include screws, small washers, nuts, bolts, and any other small metal objects. This cart comes with a tow bar which means it can be used within a tugger train system for more efficient part delivery. The shelves on this cart can also be easily adjusted based on the height of your materials.

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Material handling cart designed to store and transport kits of automotive components.

Kit Cart – 770 x 1190 mm – Q-100-2479

This kit cart was designed to transport different kits of automotive components between the warehouse and the assembly line within an I-frame. The frame connects into a tugger train system making it easier and more efficient for your manufacturing process. This cart has hangers that the automotive kits would be hung on. The structure of the cart was angled as to make it more ergonomic for the operators to access the kits.

Two shelf cart by FlexQube

Flat Shelf Cart – 1050 x 1400 mm – Q-100-1495

This flat shelf cart is a very simple design for transporting bins and totes within manufacturing facilities. It comes with two high-quality flat shelves that can have their height easily adjusted based on the height of your containers. It also has a removable handlebar in case you would like to add a tow bar to this cart to allow it to be connected within a tugger train system.

FlexQube US Southeast sales manager
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