14 October 2021

FlexQube’s Top 5 robotic AGV Designs

Stefan Larsson

Stefan Larsson

Software Engineer

FlexQube’s Top 5 robotic eQart Designs

FlexQube has been providing flexible material handling carts to customers worldwide for over 10 years.

At the beginning of 2020, we launched our first step into the automation world with our AGV System. The AGV was born out of the idea to provide a technologically advanced automation system with our flexible building blocks.

The AGV is a distinctive AGV that allows its user to take control and design the top structure and size to match the materials and the process for the project. We pride ourselves on having the technology that allows our users to be able to implement the AGV within hours. Below we outline our top 5 robotic AGV designs:

Pallet eQart – 910 x 840 mm

Pallet “Baby” AGV  – 910 x 840 mm – Q-100-5531

This AGV is the smallest size we can do in our robotic AGV range. However, just because it comes in a smaller size doesn’t mean that it has any less power. This AGV is used commonly as an automated tugger. This is an ideal solution for automated towing because it small enough to navigate through narrow aisles however still has the power to tow 2500kg.

Mother eQart - 2520 x 1470 mm

Mother Daughter AGV System – 2 in 1- Q-100-4122

Another unique application for the AGV is the ability to create an automated frame for daughter carts. In this solution, the only part that is robotic is the mother frame while the daughter carts have no need for motors. The flexibility of the AGV means that the robotic mother frame can be designed around your existing carts, which provides an easy first step into automation.

Roller AGV  – 1260 x 1260 mm – Q-100-3891

This AGV application comes equipped with steel rollers as the top structure. This makes for smooth loading and unloading of pallets from the AGV. There is a locking mechanism that makes it easy for the operators to secure the pallets & containers on top of the AGV when being transported.

Pallet eQart – 910 x 840 mm

Pallet AGV – 910 x 840 mm – Q-100-4377

This pallet AGV is unique because it comes with an added subframe which makes it more ergonomic for the operators. This AGV also shows the ability to have a light tower attached which is an option for all of our AGV applications.

Roller eQart – 1260 x 840 mm

Roller AGV – 1260 x 840mm Q-100-5078

The final AGV application we would like to highlight is another roller application. However, this AGV application is slightly different from the prior AGV because the rollers are designed for automatic unloading. The steel rollers on top of this application are angled to make use of gravity which interlocks with a stationary roller system that the AGV docks into.

You can find all of our AGV designs in our solutions library here.

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