25 February 2019

FlexQube’s eQart LogiMAT Debut

Jan Brettmann

Jan Brettmann

Sales Manager

Meet FlexQube at ProMAT 8-11 April, Chicago, USA

Last week at LogiMAT in Germany, FlexQube unveiled our eQart! The eQart is our first ever smart cart and the first step into our journey of automated material handling carts. Our aim with the eQart is to create a hassle-free and straightforward approach to motorized material handling. It is a simple plug and play process to automate material handling.

This separates our eQart from AGV’s, and it is important not to get the two mixed up.

Our eQart is the next step in the FlexQube concept, and now we can help our customers along every stage of the material handling process, from manual transportation to tugger trains, to automation.

FlexQube eQarts at LogiMAT 2019

So What is it?

The eQart is a smart and motorized FlexQube cart; we add motors, a battery, and cameras to a regular FlexQube cart. The eQart is available in any size and shape. At LogiMAT we showcased eQarts in manual drive mode and line-follow mode. Having these two modes is very easy to set-up and makes it even easier for the user to create a transportation route and set the eQart on its path. The eQart can come in any size and shape and with any top structure, so no matter the materials you need to move an eQart can be designed.

What Can it Do?

  • Modes: Manual and line follow
  • Navigation – Optical (camera based)
  • Max Speed 1 m/s (3.6 km/h)
  • Control unit – 9.7 inch high resolution tablet
  • Capacity – 1000kg
  • Battery Time – 3-5 Hours
  • Charging – plugin or inductive
  • Size – Variable from 840 x 840 mm
  • Certifications – SS-EN 1525, ANSI B 56.5,  ISO 13489-1

At LogiMAT we unveiled a euro-pallet eQart and an eQart with roller shelves as the top structure. We were very excited to showcase these carts in the European market for the first time, and the eQarts were very popular amongst attendees to our booth. The simplicity of the eQarts and the ability to change your top structure easily with the FlexQube concept seemed to be big points of interest to some of our visitors. Combining this with our concept means that effectively you can have any top structure you need to be added to your eQart. This gives an added layer of flexibility when compared to other automated options for material handling.

We will be showcasing our eQarts again, in just over one month at ProMAT in the USA.

You can find FlexQube in Booth: N6927 at ProMAT in Chicago from April 8-11, 2019.

Learn more about the eQart


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