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6 January 2015

FlexQube receieves an order for 40 EUR-pallet trolleys

Amir Chihani

Amir Chihani

Operations Manager

FlexQube receieves an order for 40 EUR-pallet trolleys

FlexQube has received an order from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy trucks. The order was for a 1260 x 840 mm (50 x 33 inch) Tugger cart for EUR pallets used in an industrial environment to tug several of these in a tugger train. The carts may be equipped with a removable upper sub-frame to create a perfect ergonomic height for the operators depending on the number of collars on the pallet. Ergonomic handlebar with wire-release tow bar and floor brake. This will be the first order coming from this plant within the company and is just for a pilot project. If the implementation is successful FlexQube expects a much larger order by the end of January. Delivery will take place in the beginning of January.

Watch a video of this type of cart in action below!

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