5 April 2018

FlexQube is excited to welcome our new German sales manager, Jan Brettmann!

Jan Brettmann

Jan Brettmann

Sales Manager

FlexQube DACH Sales Manager Jan Brettmann

This week the newest member of the FlexQube team is joining us, Jan Brettmann! Jan will be taking over as the Sales Manager of the DACH region. His first day was Tuesday the 3rd of April, 2018 and Jan will be joining us next week at MODEX, in Atlanta so he can get be fully indoctrinated into the FlexQube family!

Jan has over 15 years’ experience within sales and has found himself moving towards lean manufacturing & thinking over the past decade.  Jan found that he was able to learn very quickly and in turn provided a lot of value as a senior sales member of a Trilogiq , also a company working with material handling solutions.

We asked Jan some quick questions about his experience and his expectations for joining FlexQube as he joined us at the FlexQube headquarters in Sweden for his first week.

Now that you’re in charge of FlexQube in the DACH region, what do you think you’ll be able to bring to the FlexQube team?

I have over 8 and a half years working within sales and marketing in the intralogisitics market in the DACH region. So, I think I will be able to bring experience and a background based within the manufacturing industry to the company. I’m hoping this will build upon the extensive knowledge the FlexQube sales team already has and ensure we are experts in helping our customers improve their material handling processes.

What did you like or what drew you to the FlexQube products/concept?

I really liked how the system/concept has a clear structure. This makes it easy for me as a sales manager to really help the customer find a solution for their exact need. With the FlexQube concept I can focus on the needs of the customer and find the best fitting solution for their individual situation.

What do you think will make FlexQube successful within the German Market?

It begins with the product, and FlexQube has a very high quality product and concept that fits well within the lean thinking and intralogistics industry. Combine this alongside a young, energetic and very professional team that works harder for the customer than anywhere else I have ever seen. If this keeps up it will bring success for FlexQube in Germany.

Contact Jan Brettmann at jan.brettmann@flexqube.com or on +49 (160) 243 63 05.

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