18 August 2020

FlexQube Employee Portrait: Ebba

Luke Goodwin

Luke Goodwin


FlexQube Employee Portrait: Ebba

Meet Ebba, a member of the FlexQube family since December 2019.

Ebba has an Industrial Design Engineering degree from Chalmers University of Technology. She speaks fluent Swedish and English and is based in Gothenburg at our HQ.

Can you tell us how your FlexQube journey started?

I started as a Design Coordinator in December 2019. I had heard about FlexQube before from my friends at Chalmers, and I applied on LinkedIn when I began to look for a full-time position.

What are you doing each day?

I’m working with the design process at FlexQube.

The first step in the process is discussing requirements with the customers, what they need, what they are supposed to transport, and in what way, for example. Most of the time, this meeting is held by our Sales Engineers, but in some cases, I have these meetings directly with the customer. After collecting the demands, we produce design suggestions and guidelines, create all documentation and 3D models. When that is finished, it’s up to our Sales Engineers to send a quote to the customer and work on turning it into an order. When we get the order, we secure the quality of the design before we send all information to Supply Chain for purchase, planning, and assembly.

We are very effective in our process, so the first stages usually go quite fast, and we handle several projects at the same time in different stages. We follow every project to assembly and assist if needed during the process. Since all of our solutions are customized we do a lot of new designs and new solutions every week and sometimes with a new concept things doesn’t work out the same way in practice as we thought I theory – then we at design, together with the assembly team, quickly need to do some problem solving, find a new way to make it work and learn from it.

Is there something you wished you knew before you started?

I did not realize how many projects that were up and running at the same time; normally we have 30-40 projects open at the same time. But I did a lot of translating demands to products in school, and I studied the customer cases at FlexQube’s website before my first day as well. It’s definitely an advantage of knowing what kind of information you need in a project to deliver a product. An appreciated surprise is the quick and direct feedback from our customers we get in our projects during the process, it helps us to develop each day.

Have you surprised yourself during your journey at FlexQube?

Not really surprised myself but I have learned that I like to work in a small company, it’s nice to have an insight in all departments, for example, Supply Chain which I did not know so much about before.

We often promote learning as one of our biggest benefits. Have you learned something new?  

Yeah, absolutely. There are new situations every day, and there is a lot of learning by doing to move forward and develop ourselves. We need to test different solutions since every project is customer-specific.

How would you describe our culture at FlexQube?

We have a culture where it’s easy to ask a colleague for help or if you don’t know how to solve a problem. People here are very available, and there is no prestige in solving everything yourself. As I mentioned before, we are learning by doing, and it’s OK to make mistakes if you learn something from it.

We are a small, but global company. Have you learned something new about another country’s culture that you did not know before?

In my opinion, there is no significant difference between the different countries and colleagues. Feels like everyone appreciates good communication with each other even if we are in different countries and time zones. Maybe it’s more our customers who are different. For example, our German customers often have more specific demands and a lot of documentation. It has also been great to work with our partner in India where they are very flexible and have very strong work ethics and dedication to make us satisfied.

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