11 January 2021

FlexQube celebrates the opening of our new warehouse in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Hector Flores

Hector Flores

VP Sales Mexico

The beginning of 2021 has already been busy for the FlexQube team with the unveiling of our new warehouse in Aguascalientes, Mexico. FlexQube has been present in Mexico since 2017 when Hector Flores joined the FlexQube team, located in Aguascalientes.  Since then, we have been steadily growing within the Mexican market and it was time for FlexQube to move to a larger warehouse location. On top of this, due to the impact of coronavirus, we have also found a need to have a larger warehouse for us to be able to invite customers to visit us due to harsher restrictions on outside visitors within manufacturing centers in the region.

Having a larger warehouse location in Mexico will allow us to grow our inventory within the region and this will create faster delivery times to our customers. The team in Mexico will also be able to conduct upgrades and repairs on customer carts, as well as to conduct virtual demonstrations of our full product range including the mechanical concept, the eQart, and the Liftrunner frames.

We are thrilled with all of the hard work that the team in Mexico has put into getting this facility set-up and if you would like to get in contact with our team in Mexico, you can find their contact details below.

Mexico Team

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