7 September 2020

eQart Software Release 1.2.9

Joar Manhed

Joar Manhed

eQart Concept Manager


With the eQart system, our focus and goal are to continuously improve upon the platform and add more value to our customers.

In this update, we have focused a lot on robustness. That is why the line-follow algorithm has been completely reworked to detect the line even when it is broken or covered with dirt. This is part of a continuous effort from our end to keep improving the line-follows performance so that the eQart may operate in any industry environment.

The second major part of the update is a new function we call mission-planner.  The mission-planner will let the operator program consecutive actions for the eQart to perform. The eQart can for example be sent to the kitting area, wait 1 minute go back to the assembly, and repeat. The missions are created in the tablet and we have designed the interface to be easy and intuitive to understand. Yet all the tools are there to create complex missions that increase the utilization of the eQart system.

Software changelog:

  • Setting screen:
    1. Removed the “Apply Changes” button.
    2. Checkbox to enable/disable Edge Detection in firmware
  • Cockpit Screen:
    1. Charging image of cart added to indicate charging of eQart
    2. Added charging and discharging feedback commands of the cart
    3. Disable all cockpit controls when the tablet receives a charging command from eQart.
    4. Added function to hide battery percentage if no battery data is received.
    5. Sending break release command when the operator enters the cockpit screen.
  • Main Screen:
    1. The functionality implemented to receive battery percentage and show charging icon.
  • Mission Planner:
    1. All New functionality
  • The storage issue solved for Android 10.
  • When a hardware issue in the eQart is encountered display the specific error in the tablet.

Firmware Updates:

  • Sleep Mode added in firmware after 5 min of no communication (motor’s power supplying relay and camera LEDs will be offed in SLEEP)
  • Setting changes will be applied while eQart is charging
  • eQarts BMS handling            functionality improved:
    1. New feedback commands for charging and charging removed implemented
    2. While eQart is charging in-place or navigation functionality is now forced stopped
    3. Broadcasting of all BMS feedback commands
    4. Sending battery percent while eQart is charging
  • In Navigation new path detection method added:
    1. When the camera is unable to detect path by colour, logic will be switched to edge detect logic
  • Line end logic is changed from counter-based to distance-based
    1. If the eQart loses the line it will continue for 30 cm to detect the colour of the line if that logic fails, the eQart will switch to edge detection if the user has enabled it.
    2. While edge detection is activated the eQart will travel 15 cm without an edge match afterward the eQart will stop.
  • Method to smooth the turn implemented to avoid the jerky behaviour of the eQart.
  • FPS will be checked only when diagnose is enabled

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