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15 November 2016

Design in Onshape with FlexQube building blocks

Jan Brettmann

Jan Brettmann

Sales Manager

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Design in Onshape with FlexQube building blocks



Designing FlexQube carts is both easy and fun and nobody knows your needs better than yourself. With Design4All everyone has the opportunity to design their own solutions – regardless of previous experience. Our CAD-library is available for download for all major CAD softwares. CATIA, SolidWorks, Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge aswell as in step format. And now also in Onshape!

Onshape is the first fully functional cloud based CAD software. Everything you need in one place, accessable from any device at any time, making it even easier to design with the FlexQube system!

Easy to learn and fun to use

Designing with our Onshape CAD library is both easy and fun. No download is required and the library can easily be accessed through the software. Onshape uses higher-level assembly mates which results in assemblies thar are easier to build, manage and edit. All you need to build a FlexQube solution is one constraint! Another upgrade from other CAD softwares is the interface. We all know how confusing the interface of a traditional CAD software can be for a new user, cluttered with icons and bars all over. In Onshape your designs are the centrum of attention, the interface is streamlined and very clean with a white background and shaded grey icons.

Onshape also comes with a built in app store where developers can share custom built applications and softwares that intergrates directly with Onshape aswell as desktop applications. You can find tools for rendering , FEM analysis, fluid dynamics, bill of materials and more. New apps are evolving all the time. All Onshapes apps follows OnShapes pricing model and will have a free offering. This means users can try different apps for free and buy the option that fits them best. This also means startups, small business and others that needs occational access to these proffesional engineering tools have an option that doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars

Built for a modern design team

Onshape was built from ground up to support a modern day design team. It runs on all platforms and requires no installation or updates. All you need is a web browser, just sign in and start designing. You can start building a model on your PC at work and finish it up at home with your Ipad or Iphone. 

With Onshape collaboration is a very smooth experience. You and your colleagues can work in the same model, at the same time with no fear of overwriting each other’s work. Onshape also has built in data management and version control, eliminating the need for a costly PDM system. No more hassles over check-ins and checkouts. You work with the same data, never dealing with file copies. All of this is possible beacuse Onshape use cloud based documents instead of files which can contain several items such as parts, assemblies, data sheets and even movies. All product information is stored in one place in the cloud accessible from anywhere.

Use the solutions library for inspiration

All previously created FlexQube designs can be found in our Solutions Library™. This is a great place to start at if you need inspiration, scroll through hundreds of solutions, like tugger cart, kit-carts, shelf carts or other material handling solutions for safe, efficient and ergonomic logistics, conveniently categorized. If you see something you like you can download a step file, import it to Onshape and use that solution as base and modify it to your liking.

Share you solutions with others

Sharing CAD data has never been easier, press the share button and invite colleagues and friends to view or edit your model. You decide what kind of access other users has to your designs! 

Our Design4All Facebook page is a great way to connect with other FlexQube users and designers, share your designs, ask for help and discuss different applications.

Check out this tutorial to find out more about using Onshape with the FlexQube system!

If you’re looking for a flexible solution, contact us on [email protected]

Olof Brown
Design Manager FlexQube
[email protected]