8 March 2021

Carson Material Handling strengthens FlexQube’s dealer network in the South-East.

FlexQube mother daughter carts

FlexQube is pleased to welcome Carson Material Handling to our dealer network in North America. Carson Material Handling is located in North Carolina and will help FlexQube strengthen the Carolinas as FlexQube’s base in North America.

FlexQube’s VP of Sales North America, Michael Gore comments, “I have personal experience working alongside Duane and the team at Carson Material Handling and I am excited to see where the partnership between FlexQube and Carson can lead”.

Carson specializes in providing world class fork trucks, support and rentals throughout South Carolina and the surrounding states. Carson Material Handling has been in business for over 15 years and we are excited to align our FlexQube concept alongside their existing product offering.

FlexQube is excited to partner up with Carson Material Handling and looks forward to what 2021 can offer.

You can contact Carson Material Handling through their website, https://carsonlift.com/

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