FlexQube wins order for 20 EUR tugger carts from Donaldson Filtration in UK

FlexQube has received an order from Donaldson Filtration GB LTD, a company with more than 12000 employees making products to improve performance efficiency and air quality. Donaldson has placed an order for 20 of our very popular EUR tugger cart Q-007-1220, with wire release tow bar, a great innovation that improves ergonomics for the operators that handles the cart but also increase efficiency since it reduce the time for coupling/decoupling carts from each other.

The carts are also equipped with a handle bar with floor brake. 

Watch a video from a customer of ours that has more than 600 carts of this type in use. 

This is the second plant within the Donaldson Group that FlexQube delivers carts to. The first one was Donaldson Filtration Solutions in Italy. 

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Watch our CEO Anders Fogelberg demonstrate the system.

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