FlexQube receives an upgrade order from Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology!

FlexQube has received an upgrade order from Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology in Sweden. Eberspaecher has about 300 carts from FlexQube in use and the company takes advantage of the flexibility in the concept by ordering components to re-design carts (see picture below).

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FlexQube Cart for Exhaust systems at Eberspächer

Watch how Eberspaecher eliminated fork-lift traffic completely and reduced material transports by 60% using the modular FlexQube concept and the Liftrunner Tugger Train with E-frames.

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Kit-Carts at Eberspächer by FlexQube

Kit-Carts at Eberspächer by FlexQube

Kit-Carts at Eberspächer by FlexQube




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