The carts for Volvo Car US Operations


Recently, FlexQube received a large order for some of our STILL Liftrunner compatible dollies. The order came from the Volvo US Car Operations and they chose the FlexQube concept instead of old fashioned welded alternatives. Moving forward the FlexQube carts will allow Volvo Cars to adjust cart sizes, re-configure carts and adapt to changes in the material flow setup. Below you can see the four alternatives that were designed and ordered from FlexQube, if you see a solution that you think would suit your needs or you like the idea of having greater flexibility moving forward, make sure you send an enquiry to [email protected].


Container Cart 1260 x 1260 MM - Q-100-0491

Pallet Trolley 1260 x 840 mm for STILL LiftRunner - Q-100-0492

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Container Cart 1680 x 1260 MM - Q-100-0495


If you would like to know why the FlexQube concept would be your perfect alternative to out-dated welded alternatives click here

For more information about the FlexQube & STILL Liftrunner Tugger Train System click here. 

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