The number 7 says it all!


There is a standard in the FlexQube® system which is based on the number 7. All FlexTubes™ and FlexBeams™ comes in length intervals of 7 cm and the distance between interfaces is 7 cm.

FlexQube® industrial carts - flexqube
7cm interfaces

FlexPlates™ and FlexQubes® have the same interface and are therefore easily placed anywhere on FlexBeams™ and FlexTubes™ to connect them.

The standard interface and intervalls makes it possible for FlexQube® to have a very effective and fast design process, where the lead time from customer requirements to design draft can be cut down significantly.

FlexQube® industrial carts - fast design process

The main components

FlexQube® industrial carts - flexqube

The FlexQube™ is a multifunctional locking coupling that can carry loads, lock structures, create the desired angles of the structure and allow further construction of additional FlexTube™/FlexBeam™ and other components through its homogeneous interface.

FlexQube® industrial carts - flexplate

The FlexPlate™ is the component that joints the products.

FlexQube® industrial carts - flexbeam

The concept of a FlexBeam™ is based on the same principle as a FlexTube™ and has the same interface as the FlexQube™. The only difference is that the qubes are on a row and two FlexBeams™ together form a robust 70x70 mm VKR beam.

FlexQube® industrial carts - flextube

The concept of the FlexTube™ is i.e. based on telescope functionality in order to minimize waste and the number of articles, and instead optimize flexibility and re-construction. The interface of each FlexTube™ is tailored for the FlexQube™ and FlexBeam™ the components can thereby, more or less, be combined in any way.

FlexQube® industrial carts - flextube inner
FlexTube™ Inner

The FlexTube™ inner is placed inside the FlexTube™ and is used to create a telescopic joint.

FlexQube® industrial carts - solutions library

Whatever your needs - We have the solution

FlexQube® creates solutions based on your requirements to suit your specific needs while providing robust, modular and ergonomic solutions for material handling.

FlexQube’s concept comprises mainly standard products, but also attachment products. The standard products only consist of the FlexQube™, FlexBeam™ and FlexTube™ (outer and inner profiles).


FlexQube® compared to other systems


FlexQube® compared to

Tubular systems
  • One single coupling
  • Flat surfaces
  • No cutting = no waste
  • Standardized design base
  • No nuts
  • Faster design and assembly
  • Handles heavier loads
  • Longer lifetime
  • Better re-use ability
  • Telescopic function
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Cheaper when in need of flexibility

FlexQube® compared to

Welded solutions
  • Cheaper
  • Lower weight, easier to move
  • Flexibility but also customization
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Standardized design base
  • Easy to replace single components
  • Faster design and assembly
  • No drawings, no fabrication, no special painting
  • Cheaper and easier transport
  • Can also handle heavy loads

Our CEO- Anders Andy Legut

Hi! I’m the FlexQube representative for your region. Please contact me at +1 (734) 624 2121 or leave a message below and I will get back to you shortly.