FlexQube pallet carts in a tugger train

Which transportation method is right for you?

FlexQube’s Top 5 Industrial Push Carts

Manual Transportation

Manual transportation is the most basic form of transportation within your warehouse. It is also the least efficient and least ergonomic; however, having a human touch is required when placing the carts into their final position. All of our material handling carts can have handles or handlebars attached to make it more ergonomic when moving the carts manually.

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Tugger Train Carts

The FlexQube concept is ideal for turning any material handling cart into a tugger cart. It’s very easy to add a towbar onto any custom designed cart we have created. Tugger carts can be easily transported throughout your facility using a tugger train or behind a fork truck if you don’t have a tugger.

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Which Transportation Method?

LiftRunner Frames

The LiftRunner tugger train system is one of the premier global tugger train systems. There are three varieties of LiftRunner frames, the E-Frame, B-Frame & C-Frame. Our FlexQube carts can match easily with all of the LiftRunner frames and are an ideal solution if you are looking for a quieter solution, less caster wear and tear and loading from both sides of the aisle.

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AGV System

The AGV System is FlexQube’s answer to the AGV problem. We believe that using AGV’s to tow materials is inefficient and expensive. So we created the AGV System, which is a smart cart, rather than an AGV. The AGV  is a smart and motorized FlexQube cart. It is built using the same basic building blocks of the FlexQube concept. However, it also has motors, a battery and cameras attached to make it a smart cart. The FlexQube AGV is available in any size and shape.

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Certification of the eQart® concept has been completed with positive results
Shelf Cart for Order Picker – 1050 x 1120 mm

Order Picker

Order pickers have become very common in large distribution warehouses and the FlexQube concept can be easily adapted to fit onto the end of an order picker. We can easily create an ergonomic flow shelf solution that can fit onto the end of the order picker forks. Then the operator is able to easily add the materials onto the flow shelves. Once the picking is completed the operator is able to easily transport the cart off the order picker and to its final destination.


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