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Pallet eQart-1260 x 1260mm

This is a flexible, user-friendly & affordable automation solution specially designed for pallets.

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Pallet eQart-1260 x 1260mm

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Boost Efficiency
Heavy-duty & modular
Technical specifications
Width 50 inch
Length 50 inch
Load capacity 2205 lbs
Transportation method eQart
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The eQart is an AGV developed from the FlexQube Concept. By keeping the original concept’s flexibility and robustness and simply adding smart modules, we have created one of the most user-friendly AGVs on the market.

The eQart will help you in overcoming challenges with increasing intralogistics costs and materials changing.

The main advantages of our automated solution:

– It’s customizable. You decide both the size and top structure of the AGV.

– Robust camera-based line-follow navigation. Implement your AGV in just a couple of hours, and change your routes easily—no challenging magnetic tape, which is time-consuming to implement.

– No need for consulting, wifi, or infrastructure.

– Integrates with any carts.

– Load Capacity: 1000 kg/2200 lbs

– Towing Capacity: 2000 kg/4400 lbs

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