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Pallet cart with picking area -1610 x 1260 mm-V2.0

Tuggable pallet/container cart equipped with a tow bar, polyurethane casters and picking slots for the operator.

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Pallet cart with picking area -1610 x 1260 mm-V2.0

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Boost Efficiency
Heavy-duty & modular
Technical specifications
Transportation method LiftRunner Frames, Manual, Tugger
Industry Automotive, Defense Equipment, Distribution, Industrial Machinery, Tier One Suppliers, Wind & Energy
Length 63 inch
Width 50 inch
Height 15 inch
Load capacity 701 lbs
Caster size 8 inch
Type of tow bar Tongue and Hitch
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A tuggable cart used for the transportation of pallets and containers. The cart comes equipped with a tow bar and four high quality polyurethane casters which makes for a silent train transportation as well as a high weight capacity. On the side of the cart we find two slots which the operator can walk into allowing for better access into the loading area.

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