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Door Cart - 1330 x 2170mm

This custom cart is designed to assemble doors at an automotive customer.

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Door Cart – 1330 x 2170mm

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Boost Efficiency
Heavy-duty & modular
Technical specifications
Transportation method AGV, eQart, Manual
Industry Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Tier One Suppliers
Length 85 inch
Width 66 inch
Height 80 inch
Caster size 5 inch
Load area width 62 inch
Load area length 80 inch
Cart weight 494 lbs
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This cart is a great example of how custmoised the FlexQube concept can get. This cart was deisgned for an automotive manufacturer that need to make their assembly of doors more efficient. The doors are placed on the fixtures on the side of the cart. This cart allows great efficiency and ergonomics, because the operator can actually walk within the cart to assemble and access the materials. It comes equipped with three standard flat shelves for placing different materials. It also comes with different hanging rods that smaller materials can be hung on.

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