FlexQube®’s module material handling system is built from the same basic parts and pieces. Want to create your own cart? Design and build it today!

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The FlexQube parts library contains the building blocks to create your industrial cart or rack. Our CAD-library is available for download for all major CAD software. CATIA, SolidWorks, Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge as well as in step (STP) format. The parts library contains different components that are needed to design a perfect and ergonomic industrial cart. This includes various types of fasteners, casters, attachments, wheel attachment plates, the standard FlexQube building blocks like the different FlexBeams, FlexTubes and the FlexQube and FlexPlate. It also includes a lot of varying custom components to build shelf carts and other kit-carts. With the possibility to download CAD files of different types of handlebars, shelves, and tow bar components, you can finalize the design of your custom-made material handling the cart. All previously created FlexQube designs can be found in our FlexQube Solutions Library. This is a great place to start at if you need inspiration, scroll through hundreds of material handling solutions conveniently categorized. When designing a cart or buying a solution, certain things need to be taken into consideration. The primary use for the solution must be apparent, and the specific requirements should be established. Here are some examples of features that are important for us to know to create the perfect solution for your needs:

  • Does any part have to be locked in place? Are there any precautions needed regarding the operator’s safety?
  • Are there any limits to picking heights or force needed to push the cart? Will the cart be transported manually or with some push/pull mover?
  • In what sort of work environment will the cart be used? Outdoor/indoor use? What is the floor like and will the cart be handled on uneven surfaces?
  • Will the cart be used in an environment where continuous improvement and modifications will be needed?
  • Is the cart going to be used together with other equipment like forklifts, tugger trains, AGV, etc.? If so, what are the dimensions and capacity of those systems?
  • What kind of parts shall be transported, and what properties do they have – weight and dimensions?

Whatever your need is, FlexQube can help! In the FlexQube Parts Library™, you will find the components that make up the modular and flexible material handling system from FlexQube. Inspired by LEGO®, this system was invented in 2010, and it now serves as a system ready to take on the competition from welded carts and racks. Using the parts library you can download CAD files on specific parts and design your own applications or you can use it as a spare part library. The parts library is available and ready to use for Inventor Autodesk, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Creo and Catia. It is also possible to design using a cloud-based CAD software called Onshape with the standard building blocks from FlexQube. And of course, the files are available in STP format as well. In our Parts Library, you will find parts divided into different categories. Each part is shown with an image for easier identification. The categories are as follows; All parts, Standard Building Blocks, Casters, Fasteners, Handle Bars, Tow Bar Components, Attachments, Pallet Guides, Rollers, Shelves, Springs, Tools, Pallet Changing System Components. In the different categories, there are other sorting possibilities like; material treatment, length, size, dimensions, material thickness, color, weight capacity, and material type. In total, there are hundreds of different parts ready for download and used to create your custom material handling design. The library is also useful for finding spare parts or new add on components to existing designs. E.g., you can browse the handlebar category to find an appropriate handlebar for your existing carts. Each part has a short description and the possibility to download in STP and 3D PDF format. It is also possible to see in which solutions/designs the specific part is being used. By clicking on the ‘Get Price’ button, you can quickly, and easily get a quote with the particular price for the component.


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