19 April 2017

Material handling carts for better ergonomics, productivity and quality!

Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch

Sales Manager US Mid Atlantic

Material handling carts for better ergonomics, productivity and quality!

Last modified: 11/02/2020

FlexQube Inc. has received an order for several assembly carts that will be used in a plant that makes electric buses.

Assembly carts are designed to make material handling in the assembly line easier and more ergonomic for operators in the warehouse. By using the right material handling carts, there is much to gain for warehouses. This order consists of three different ergonomic carts, carefully chosen and customized for this customer’s assembly line. The three different solutions are shown below. All of these three ergonomic designs will be delivered to a major bus manufacturer in the USA with several production plants across the nation. The ergonomic carts will assist in creating a safer work environment, better material handling flow, and saving money due to the FlexQube concept.

The first solution is an assembly cart with a big shadow board at the rear of the cart. The robust cart with flat top is perfect for pre-assembly operations.


FlexQube industrial assembly cart

Assembly Cart with Pegboard – 770 x 2170 mm – Q-100-0526

This assembly cart contains two flatbeds to handle various bins and totes. The cart is also equipped with pegboards for hanging components and has four casters for easy handling.


The second solution is an angled shelf solution to store different totes and boxes. This cart is also designed to store plastic boxes underneath the shelf by hanging them onto the FlexBeam (one of the standard components in the FlexQube concept).

Long angled assembly table by FlexQube

Angled Assembly Table – 2310 x 630 mm – Q-100-0500

This assembly cart was custom made to match the assembly process of this customer. It is equipped with one level which is angled. Along the bottom there is an edge to ensure no parts slip off. There are also four high quality polyamide casters attached for easier handling.


The third solution is an assembly table with two rows of beams underneath the table that can hold the plastic bins.

Assembly Cart – 2170 x 770 mm – Q-100-0502

This assembly cart was designed to with two levels. The top level is what the operators can use to assemble the materials. The lower level can carry and store totes, bins and boxes. It comes equipped with a floor lock brake to keep it secure when not in use. There are also four polyamide casters attached for easier handling.

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