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The ROI that stands out

The modern factory is experiencing a change towards more complex & customized products, meaning a more significant amount of material complexity in the manufacturing process.

Our concept aims at helping you navigate this new material complexity with ease, improving efficiency. The FlexQube system provides a fast ROI, which increases the more you need to create your own customized material handling equipment. One aspect of this is our ability to integrate with any transportation method. Our carts can be transported via tugger, forklift, AGV, order picker or manually.

Less money spent

Additionally, our carts make it easy to replace damaged parts rather than the whole cart. No longer do you need to replace all of your old welded carts when one part is damaged. With our concept, you only need to order an upgrade package or some new parts.

On top of that our carts are lighter and easier for the operators to manage than welded counterparts. In the long run, this leads to a decrease in ergonomic and safety issues. This means less money spent on the factory on insurance and OHS issues, plus less downtime because of operator injuries.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Our concept is ready for Industry 4.0. Our carts can be integrated into any material handling system or process that may be already in place. No matter how you are currently transporting materials through your facility, our carts can be adapted to match your operations.

This means that you don’t need to make significant investments directly. For example, if you are looking into upgrading your facility to using AGVs for material transportation, this can be done gradually. As we can integrate some of our carts to match the AGVs you implement while they can still be compatible with the tugger train system or forklifts. You are therefore saving a considerable one-off investment.


FlexQube compared to Tubular Systems

  • One single coupling
  • Flat surfaces
  • No cutting = no waste
  • Standardized design base
  • Faster design & assembly
  • Handles heavier loads
  • Longer lifetime
  • Better Re-useability
  • Telescopic function
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Cheaper when in need of flexibility

FlexQube compared to Welded Solutions

  • Cheaper
  • Lower weight, easier to move
  • Flexibility but also customization
  • Easy to add attachments
  • Standardized design base
  • Easy to replace single components
  • Faster design and assembly
  • No drawings, no fabrication, no special painting
  • Cheaper & easier transport
  • Can also handle heavy loads

Strong & Flexible

When leading improvement activities in your facility no matter what they are focused on, it can be challenging. It is even more challenging when you are working with material handling carts that are not flexible. Our concept has been designed with this in mind.

Leading different improvement changes whether focused on quality, efficiency or safety is how our carts are intended to be. Adapting, testing and improving is how our current customers are using our carts and how they will continue to be.

If you are aiming to reduce operator safety risks by reducing forklift traffic around the assembly area, our carts can help.
Or aiming to improve efficiency by cutting waiting times, our carts can adapt to work with you.

Furthermore, this flexibility is built upon high-grade steel, ensuring you will have a robust and heavy-duty solution that won’t break down.

Other Key Benefits

  • Greater Ergonomics

    Improving ergonomics is a constant challenge, updating your carts to prevent long term injuries. Our carts can be adapted to ensure your ergonomics are always of the highest standard. All of our handlebars are designed towards having improved ergonomics. The idea behind ergonomics is to modify the work to fit the worker, and this is what our carts can do.

  • No welding need for repair

    No longer do you need to bring in the welder and welding machine to repair any damage on welded carts. If you have a broken tow bar or a damaged caster they can be easily removed and replaced with new parts.

  • Quick design

    With our online design program, DesignOnDemand™, you can go from ideas to finished designs in no time. Our designers have been working with thousands of customers globally. They are ready to provide you with fresh ideas and improved ways to transport your materials.

  • Environmentally friendly

    We are ensuring that we help our customers to re-build and recreate their carts and material handling equipment with the FlexQube concept. Our products have taken energy reduction to the next level. Because our carts are bolted together rather than welded, it saves the process of having to order more carts and therefore saving more steel and resources. We have determined that for every tonne of cart that can be reused CO2 emissions are reduced with 1.7 ton.

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