Standard block

The FlexPlate

The FlexPlate is used as a connector for the rest of the building blocks. The FlexPlate quickly joins two FlexBeams together or connect any other part such as a shelf to the FlexBeams.

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FlexQube Building Blocks
FlexQube Building Blocks
Standard block

The FlexQube

The FlexQube is a multifunctional locking coupling that can carry loads, lock structures, create the desired angles of the structure and allow further construction of additional FlexTube/ FlexBeam or other components through its homogenous interface.

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Standard block

The FlexBeam

The concept of a FlexBeam is based on the same principle as a FlexTube and has the same interface as the FlexQube. The only difference is that the tubes are on a row and two FlexBeams together form a robust 70x70mm VKR beam.

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FlexQube Building Blocks
FlexTube 350 mm- Locking nut
Standard blocks

The FlexTube

The FlexTube is based on telescope functionality in order to minimize waste and the number of articles, and instead optimizes flexibility and reconstruction. The interface of each FlexTube is tailored for the FlexQube and FlexBeam. The components can thereby be combined in any way.

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