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28 August 2019

FlexQube’s Top 5 AGV Carts

Amir Chihani

Amir Chihani

Operations Manager

FlexQube’s Top 5 AGV Carts

AGV’s and factory automation is beginning to become more and more widespread throughout major manufacturing facilities. The ability to reduce the cost of labor and automate a standardised process within your facility make AGV’s a tempting prospect for many manufacturing leaders. Due to the modularity with the FlexQube concept, we can adjust any of our carts to match whatever AGV system you are using or thinking about using soon. We have been able to take specific requirements based on wide a range of custom AGV units and create carts that can easily work alongside the AGV of your choice.

On top of this, our carts can be re-configured in case you decide to switch your AGV device.

Below you can find our top 5 AGV carts that we have designed & successfully implemented:

Q-100-2633 Pallet Cart - 840 x 1260 mm 

Q-100-2633 Pallet Cart – 840 x 1260 mm

This flatbed pallet cart was designed to move pallets and containers alongside an AGV. It has a raised structure so the AGV can drive directly underneath the cart once it is fully loaded. The raised structure also makes it easier for operators to access the materials. A handlebar is also attached for ergonomic manual transportation by the operators.

Pallet cart designed to work together with an AGV

Q-100-2785 Pallet Cart – 1050 x 1260 mm

This pallet cart is similar to the above AGV pallet cart except it comes with an additional tow bar. This cart also has a raised structure, but this time it is so that the tow bar can match the height of the hitch on the AGV. Having the raised structure once again has the added benefit of making it easier for the operators to access the materials.

AGV Cart - 980 x 1120 mm

Q-100-2032 AGV Cart – 980 x 1120 mm

This cart was designed without a top deck and is designed to transport fully loaded pallets & containers. The AGV slides underneath this cart and transports the cart and materials while underneath the structure. A flat steel deck can be added to this cart as well as an ergonomic handlebar.

Hanger Cart - 1050 x 1260 mm

Q-100-1927 Hanger Cart – 1050 x 1260 mm

This cart was one of our first kit carts that were made to be transported with an AGV. The tubes let the operators easily hang the materials on the cart. While the flat deck is designed to transport a fully loaded container. The raised structure lets the AGV slide directly underneath the kitting structure.

Pallet Cart - 1050 x 1260 mm (For AGV)

Q-100-1768 Pallet Cart – 1050 x 1260 mm

Another pallet cart with a flat steel deck designed to adapt to an AGV system. Once again the AGV slides underneath the cart, but with this particular AGV it needs to connect to an adapter. It comes equipped with an ergonomic handlebar for manual transportation as well.

The eQart by FlexQube – The world’s most user-friendly automation


If you have not yet purchased an AGV, but you are on the lookout for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution the eQart by FlexQube could be your best option.  When we set out to design the eQart our goal was to keep the needs of the customer in mind. We wanted an automated solution that would be easy to use, easy to install and easy to buy. The eQart is built around the original modular FlexQube concept, except that a  battery, a brain, and a motor has been added turning it into a smart cart. The top structure can be changed easily because of the FlexQube concept without needing to purchase a new system. Contact us today to learn more.

With the FlexQube concept, you can quickly & easily design carts ideal for you would like to transport or present materials within your warehouse. No matter if you are still using a tugger train and haven’t yet made the transition to an AGV all of these carts can be shipped with a tow bar, and in the future, the tow bar can be removed. The flexibility gives you insurance every step of the way along your automation journey.

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