20 August 2019

Pallet Top Decks: A Comprehensive Guide About Top Decks and their Uses

Cherie Dimmerling

Cherie Dimmerling

National Key Account Manager

Pallet Top Decks: A Comprehensive Guide About Top Decks and their Uses

Pallets are material handling equipment used in transporting boxes, totes, bags, and tools across a shop floor. The top deck of a pallet is the surface area where these loads rest while they are being transported. As is to be expected, pallet top decks also vary according to how they’re are designed. These differences in design are what will form the building blocks of this post.

This comprehensive guide on pallet top decks will cover the three main options available to you. These options are the open, close, and anti-slip top deck. The aim of the guide is to help you understand pallet top decks and help you make decisions when the need arises.

The Open Pallet Top Deck

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An open-top deck is defined by its design. These decks are designed with a mesh-like surface with holes that support ventilation. This is why open top decks are sometimes called ventilation decks. The openings on the surface are also called meshes or grids, and they allow the passage of fluid and air when transporting materials.

The openings in an open-top deck also ensure that they weigh less and are quite more affordable than the alternatives out there. These features make open pallet top decks the best option for transporting perishable goods in warehouses.

The Closed Pallet Top Deck

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As the name suggests, closed top decks are surface areas that are totally covered. Unlike open pallet decks, they do not have any ventilation meshes, which are why they are also known as solid top decks. In most cases, closed pallet top decks are heavier than open top decks. They are also great for transporting heavy-duty materials across shop floors. Closed pallet top decks are also more expensive than open top decks, and they are equipped with anti-skid features.

Anti-skid features can be rounded edges or a lip around their parameter. These features prevent the possibility of loads slipping off the top deck. Closed top decks are generally used in handling items that don’t spill or need any form of ventilation.

Anti-Slip Top Decks

Anti-slip top deck options are actually closed or open top decks with features that secure a load to the deck’s surface. They ensure that warehouse inventory and other materials remain safe when transported. Some of the securing features used are:

  • Elevated edges or perimeters surrounding the surface area
  • Pallet Grommet – these are rubber surface attachment that can be installed on the deck’s surface.
  • Customized securing devices.

Pallet top decks can also be customized in different ways and patterns. Manufacturers can choose to design top desks with compartments for tooling devices or with extra supporting features such as pallet stringers.

Getting the Perfect Pallet for Your Facility

You can find different types of pallets online here at FlexQube online inventory or you can choose to go the customization route. At FlexQube, we can help you customize your pallet top decks and pallet types to meet your exact specifications.

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