20 September 2018

Interview with our German Design Manager

Christoph Stangl

Christoph Stangl

Development Manager - eQart

eQart product manager Christoph Stangl

Christoph Stangl is FlexQube’s Design Manager for DACH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland). He works very closely alongside our German Sales Manager Jan Brettmann and together they work together on ensuring the right design and solution for our customers within that region. Germany is FlexQube’s largest market within Europe and is a market we see as having lots of use for the FlexQube concept. Our combination of heavy duty but still very flexible carts can be a game changer for some customers.

We are super excited with the German team we currently have on board and we sat down with Christoph to ask him some questions about his design process.”

1. In that time what are some of your favourite designs you have created? ​

My favourite carts are the Kit-Carts I have created, they really add value for the customer.

FlexQube Material Handling custom hanging cart

2. What has been the most common cart or cart type in the German market?

FlexQube Material Handling pallet cart with two sided handlebar

3. What is often a very convenient cart feature that is often overlooked?​

I think the extendable shelves and customized hanger could be used more widely, they improve the ergonomics greatly.

4. What can someone who has booked a design meeting with you do to prepare?​

Best is to browse our Solutions Library and have an idea about the setup and features the customer would like to have on the cart.

You can reach Jan Brettmann on +49 160 243 6305 or via email at jan.brettmann@flexqube.com

You can reach Christop Stangl via email at christoph.stangl@flexqube.com

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