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17 October 2018

FlexQube’s Vice President of Sales Thriving in the Heartland of Automotive!

Andy Legut and Hector Flores North America Sales team

Andy Legut (left) & FlexQube Mexico Sales Manager Hector Flores (right).

Modular and heavy-duty material handling carts looking to take over the Mid-West Automotive Scene.

Something noticeable has changed since Andy Legut, FlexQube Vice President of Sales, joined the FlexQube team. At the time he joined, FlexQube was still looking at making its mark on the North American market and Andy was the first employee from North America in the Swedish material handling company.

“When I first joined the team, I was excited about joining such an exciting company. The idea of bringing such a revolutionary concept; a sturdy Lego concept for material handling, just blew me away,” explains Andy.

“When I sat down with the CEO (Anders Fogelberg), and he explained the idea behind the concept and how manufacturing is under constant pressure to customize in an ever-changing market, it was a no-brainer from my side.”

Andy is a local from Trenton MI, who has grown up not far from Detroit his whole life, so he has the automotive industry in his blood. His father is the VP of sales for a steel company so, he has been around steel and manufacturing his whole childhood. Andy originally went onto work within the steel industry himself acting as a sales manager of the Bar, wire and rod division for the Shinsho Corp.

“Working within the steel industry, especially on the sales side was a great time, and I learnt a lot working within such an industrial atmosphere. Working alongside many automotive companies gave me the connections and industry knowledge to take this next step with FlexQube.”

Since their first conversation back in 2014, FlexQube has seen a continued rise in the North American market with significant orders being delivered throughout 2017 & 2018. To highlight, FlexQube delivered over 1250 carts to Volvo Cars in South Carolina, 300 carts to Brose in Michigan & 300 carts to Toyota Boshoku in Tennessee.

Andy has grown with FlexQube and the company has now hired 2 more sales people based in the US alone. Shawn Lynch, who focuses on the South Eastern states and Cherie Dimmerling who has joined the team as a key account manager.

Andy will now be focusing his efforts on the area he grew up in and knows so well. Developing and promoting the FlexQube concept and products throughout the Mid-West. With a focus on working alongside the colossal automotive industry in the area.

Looking back on his journey with FlexQube he says it seems like it was inevitable. “For me, to be located around where I grew up and to be focusing on the automotive industry seems like it was certain to happen.”

You can reach Andy on or via phone on +1 (734) 624 2121.

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