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19 February 2020

FlexQube’s Most Popular Carts in the UK

Tim Massey - Sales Manager UK

FlexQube has been operating in the UK for almost five years.

However, it wasn’t until early 2019 that we brought onboard our first UK sales member in Tim Massey. Tim has been with FlexQube for about 12 months now and at that time, we have made great strides, helping several customers with their material handling.

Because of the success we have had, FlexQube invested in starting our own UK daughter company in 2019, and then in September of 2019, we exhibited for the first time at IMHX, which was a great success. During the show, we were able to showcase our newest product, the eQart.

“Showcasing the eQart at IMHX, was fantastic because I was able to show existing and potential customers the simplicity of the concept and the thinking behind the design. The ease of use and the flexibility were some of the main highlights attendees pointed out to me as strengths of its functionality.” Tim Massey commented after the IMHX show in Birmingham.

FlexQube has been able to create several designs for UK customers, from smaller pallet trolleys designed to work alongside the STILL LiftRunner frames to robust shelf carts.

Below you can find a selection of the carts and trolleys we have designed for UK based customers.


Trolley for Pallets 1200 x 1000 mm – Q-100-3004

A standard euro pallet trolley designed to transport pallets and containers more efficiently. This cart can be equipped with a tow bar if it needs to be transported via a tugger. It is also made to fit into the STILL LiftRunner Tugger Train System for more efficient transportation. This design is one of the simpler designs and is widely used throughout many facilities. This trolley comes with four high-quality polyamide casters for easier movability.


Shelf Tugger Cart – 840 x 1400mm –  Q-100-2253

This shelf tugger cart was designed to improve the transportation of smaller materials. It is ideal for transporting either bins, totes or boxes or a collection of loose materials and tools. The shelf heights on this cart can be easily adjusted to match the boxes or materials you are transporting. It comes with a tow bar for transportation via a tugger. It also comes with FlexQube’s ergonomically designed handlebar for easier manual transportation for operators. The caster setup on this cart is that of six total casters, four swivel casters, and two fixed casters, and this gives this shelf excellent tracking properties when towed within a tugger train.


Tugger Cart 1260 x 1050 mm – Q-100-0178

This is a standard tugger cart design from FlexQube. It is designed to transport heavy pallets and containers efficiently and ergonomically. It comes with a foot release tow bar which makes it much more ergonomic for operators when releasing the cart from the tugger train. The operator only needs to kick back the lever with their foot and the tow bar will be released from the tugger train. It comes with a six caster setup and polyurethane casters which reduces noise and improves its tracking when being towed.


Rack for cylinder 840 x 1190 mm – Q-100-3347

This rack is a great example of how flexible and creative you can be when designing ways to manage your materials with FlexQube. This rack is designed for improving the storing and handling of large, heavy cylinder materials. It was designed to match the exact cylinder size, but all FlexQube designs can be easily adapted to match your materials. The rollers on top of the rack keep the cylinders/materials in place and allow easy removal. This was a requirement to improve the ergonomics and productivity along the production line.

While these four designs have been highlighted as successful designs delivered to UK customers, all of our trolley, rack, and kit cart designs you can find in our library of products can be delivered to the UK. FlexQube’s journey in the UK is still young and we look forward to working alongside more of the UK manufacturing sector for years to come.

If you would like to reach out to FlexQube in the UK you can contact Tim Massey on +44 7951 770 453 or via email on

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