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20 May 2018

FlexQube is delighted to welcome Shawn Lynch to the US Sales Team!

Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch

Sales Manager US Southeast

FlexQube US Southeast Sales Manager Shawn Lynch

FlexQube is excited to welcome the newest member of our quickly growing US Sales Team, Shawn Lynch! Shawn is joining us as our newest Regional Sales Manager and will be managing the US Southeast.

Shawn is a Design Engineer, who loves networking and working alongside people, so he found his passion within sales. He has joined FlexQube from Creform and had been working there as both a Design Engineer and a Sales Engineer.

He has been with FlexQube now for a bit under 2 weeks and we are extremely happy to have him on the team.  His connections within the US Southeast and his knowledge of how best to serve customers has become apparent in this short time.  Shawn’s eagerness to get started has already made the team lift their game to match his drive and motivation for excellence.

FlexQube’s CEO Anders Fogelberg joined Shawn and our key Account Manager Cherie last week in the US and was able to get Shawn’s perspective on a couple of questions.

What did you like or what drew you to the FlexQube concept/products?

What really drew me in was how unique the FlexQube concept is.  The FlexQube concept is unlike anything else available today.  It is such a modular and flexible system, but still so extremely robust & heavy duty.  It perfectly fits the needs I have commonly come across within intralogistics, while also providing the flexibility for tomorrow’s inevitable changes. It is a product and system whose time has come!

What do you think will make FlexQube more successful within the Southeast region of the USA?

I will, haha! But honestly, having a physical presence here means a lot to today’s customers. I am available to meet with the customer and address their project needs very rapidly. My presence here in the Southeast along with FlexQube’s already streamlined design and delivery process means that the rapid turn around that many customers need & expect will be realized, faster than they thought possible.  On top of this, FlexQube’s assembly headquarters is in Georgia which makes delivery to the customers of the Southeast very convenient.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube team as whole?

First, I am very excited to be a part of this FlexQube team! I will hopefully bring to the team much enthusiasm, dedication and a positive & creative problem-solving mindset!

Shawn will be managing Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi & Florida. If you are in these regions and looking for a FlexQube solution you can reach Shawn on (864) 434-6219 or on [email protected].

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