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19 August 2014

We won’t let any moose stop us

We won’t let any moose stop us

We won’t let any moose stop us

A personal reflection on customer satisfaction from the CEO of FlexQube

Every day, in every project that we are involved in, we strive to maximize customer satisfaction. It may sound like a cliché but believe me, for us it’s not. Let me explain how the story of a recent order can prove as an example of our dedication.

Just before the industrial holiday period began in Sweden we received an order from Johnson Controls for eight kit-carts that would carry components for car seats. Usually an order like this is processed in about four weeks; the process consists of the preparation of drawings and programs for special components, the manufacturing, plating or powder coating, assembly and finally, shipping. But what if Johnson Controls wanted to have these carts delivered in time for the end of the industrial holiday? Well, we at FlexQube believe that nothing is impossible.

Our first step was to start by calling all of our regular suppliers to check what weeks they were shut down and when they would open up for business again. After that we called their suppliers and carried on from there. Finally we had a plan for each component that made it possible for us to deliver the order on time. It involved special transports and calling in operators from vacations, but there was a plan.

With two days to go before delivery we had a transport ready with parts going from the powder coating firm to the final assembly location through the great wilderness of Sweden. Everything was on track and on time until a moose jumped out of the woods onto the road. The driver hit the brakes hard and some of the components were spread across the road. Thankfully all went well with the driver, but a lot of parts were damaged and some not even found! What to do? A promise is a promise and we had promised to deliver two days later. That very same night we fixed new parts and by next day we had assembled all eight of carts. What the guys at Johnson Controls think about the carts you can read next to the pictures below.

As the CEO of FlexQube, my greatest challenge at the moment is to promote our company so that we may inform as many global industrial companies as possible about us. Not only because we want to drive our sales, but because I know we have a great product and great customer service.

I have worked with manufacturing companies for over 10 years and have seen the manufacturing locations of hundreds of companies who we perceive to be, the world’s most prominent manufacturing companies. I believe we are trustworthy when I say that we are extremely confident that FlexQube delivers the best industrial cart and rack system in the world.

If your company hasn’t moved into the 21st century when it comes to material handling equipment yet, please contact us. We will give your company a competitive edge.  

A moose might make us hit the brakes, but it will never stop us!

Anders Fogelberg, CEO of FlexQube

If you’re looking for any solutions mentioned within this article or in the below pictures, send an enquiry to [email protected]

We won’t let any moose stop us


We won’t let any moose stop us


FlexQube UK Sales manager Tim Massey
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