10 March 2020

Take a Video Tour Through FlexQube’s MODEX 2020 Booth

Considering the impact of COVID-19 and different companies’ measures to keep their employees and customers safe, FlexQube has decided to do a video tour through our MODEX 2020 booth.

In the below video, you can see a tour through all of the different stations we have at our booth, which includes FlexQube carts, the eQart, and the LiftRunner system.

The “Baby” eQart

In the first stop of the guided tour through the FlexQube booth, we meet with Joar, our eQart Concept Manager, and he takes us through how the routing with the eQart works. The eQart Joar is showcasing is our smallest eQart so far, 35 x 33-inch. This smaller size is ideal for transporting smaller containers and boxes. Joar also explains that the eQart can have certain stations using RFID tags, which is perfect for point to point material transportation. The solution can be a stand-alone load-bearing automation solution and, at the same time, be used to tow other load-bearing material handling carts.

The LiftRunner Tugger Train System

On the second stop of the tour, we meet with Andy, our North East Sales Manager. He guides us through the benefits of using the LiftRunner tugger train system. Outlining how the B-frame has the advantage of loading & unloading from either side of the mother cart.

FlexQube has worked with supplying trolleys to the Liftrunner Mother Cart system since 2012. As of right now, we have more than 6000 trolleys in use daily with the Liftrunner frames in both North America and Europe. Since 2019 FlexQube is the exclusive distributor of the Liftrunner products in North America. Some of the current customer references are Volvo Cars with more than 1400 dollies in use together with Liftrunner B-frames, Eberspacher, who has both Liftrunner E-frames and B-frames and more than 600 trolleys in use from FlexQube.

Read more about the Liftrunner System here 

The Mother-Daughter eQart

Following, this we met with our CTO Per Augustsson and the mother-daughter eQart design. This eQart is able to transport smaller pallets or containers and it can be designed to have more than one daughter cart.

The eQart® is a motorized and self-driving material handling cart. By maintaining advantages with our standard concept, we can offer a flexible, affordable, and user-friendly concept. The eQart® has market-leading size flexibility from 910 x 840 mm up to 2510 x 2510 mm and can be used for stand-alone, towing, or in a mother-daughter configuration.

50 x 50 Inch eQart

Finally, we meet with Shawn Lynch, our South East Sales Manager, and he takes us through the 50 x 50-inch eQart we have in the booth. Following this, he outlines how easy it is to upgrade your existing FlexQube tongue and hitch tow bar to a 50 x 50-inch eQart. The eQart® is the first product to come from the project “FlexQube 4.0” and is built with FlexQube’s standard building blocks complemented with digital modules such as a motor, battery, controller, and sensors. Exactly as Shawn is demonstrating in the video. Since the goal with the eQart® is to maintain our initial concepts unique flexibility, we also made sure it’s easy to upgrade your standard FlexQube material handling carts to our automated concept if required.

So if you were unable to make it to MODEX 2020, we hope this short video tour through our booth was able to give you some insights in the solutions that FlexQube can provide. If any of these solutions look like they can help you improve your material handling, please get in contact with your local FlexQube representative.

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