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30 October 2014

FlexQube Inc. wins order for 100 shelf carts!

Andy Legut

Andy Legut

Sales Manager US Midwest & Canada

FlexQube Inc. wins order for 100 shelf carts!

FlexQube has received an order for 100 shelf carts from a leading global manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The carts will be used to transport and store parts in their fabrication shop at one of their major plants located in Minnesota, USA. Click pictures below to find out more details about this cart.
/Qube it!™

If you are looking for a heavy duty shelf cart contact us on [email protected]

UPDATE: We have now gone on to create a wide variety of towable shelf cart designs. If you are looking at transporting heavy bins & boxes, you can visit the shelf cart section of our Solutions Library to view the individual designs. If you need a custom shelf cart design, we have made this very simple as all shelves on our carts can have their shelf heights changed.

FlexQube shelf carts stacked together

FlexQube shelf carts

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