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21 November 2019

FlexQube has been selected to deliver material handling carts to a new manufacturing plant in Denver, Colorado

Andy Legut

Andy Legut

Sales Manager US Midwest & Canada

Liftrunner mit FlexQube Palettenwagen

FlexQube has received the first order from a company building a new plant in Aurora just outside Denver, Colorado.

The customer has chosen to implement the Liftrunner tugger train system paired with pallet & shelf trolleys from FlexQube. The first order consists of 134 shelf trolleys and 150 pallet trolleys, and a Liftrunner train. This first order is worth about 1.9MSEK ($200,000).

This customer has used other material handling cart suppliers in the past, including many of our primary competitors. FlexQube was chosen because of the ability to customize our carts to adjust their ever-changing needs.

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg comments, “Giving our customers the freedom to change their solutions and not be locked into only one design but a concept with the option of many designs is rewarding for me and for FlexQube. This customer was looking for more flexibility because in the past the stiffness & inflexibility that comes with welded solutions hadn’t matched how quickly they were needing to adjust.”

The Liftrunner tugger train adds a level of lean to their overall process, making the loading and unloading of materials much more efficient. The Liftrunner frames can be loaded & unloaded on either side, giving the operators much more freedom when delivering materials.

The delivery for this order will take place at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The customer will use their employees to assemble the carts.

The Carts:

Q-100-1132 – Pallet Cart 1260 x 1050mm

Simple pallet cart designed to transport pallets & containers. This cart is equipped with four nylon casters for easier movability. It is designed to fit into the Liftrunner frames and be transported in a tugger train system.

Q-100-2310 – Flat Shelf Cart – 840 x 1260mm

Simple flat shelf cart designed to transport boxes, totes & smaller materials. The height of the shelves can be easily adjusted depending on the materials being transported. More or less shelves can be easily added depending on your particular needs. It comes equipped with four nylon casters as well as two handles for easier manual transportation. It is also designed to fit into the Liftrunner tugger train system so it can be efficiently transported within the facility.

Q-100-2312 – Flat Self Cart – 840 x 1260mm

Flat shelf cart designed with one shelf at an ergonomic height. This is designed to make it very easy for the operators to pick material at an easy & ergonomic height. However, the shelf can be adjusted to different heights depending on its required use. This trolley is equipped with two handles for easier manual transportation and four nylon casters. It is also designed to fit into the LiftRunner tugger train system for transportation via tugger.

FlexQube UK Sales manager Tim Massey
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FlexQube UK Sales manager Tim Massey

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