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18 April 2023

FlexQube welcomes Johan Olsson in the role of Supply Chain Manager

We are excited to welcome Johan Olsson to FlexQube in the role of Supply Chain Manager!

8 March 2023

Top 5 Benefits of Gravity Flow Racks in Manufacturing

Effective inventory management is crucial to optimizing production runs across every manufacturing shop floor. Gravity flow racks enable manufacturing facilities to implement just-in-time material delivery strategies that guarantee optimized productivity.

14 February 2023

Autonomous Robots and Innovation in Intralogistics

Autonomous robots bring increased efficiency, productivity, and safety to the workplace. AMR is getting increasingly recognized as an innovative and flexible solution. This solution will optimize material handling in warehouses, factories, and other operations.

2 February 2023

Where to meet FlexQube in 2023

FlexQube is looking forward to another exciting year! In our continuous goals to make our customers world leaders in intralogistics, we will attend some of the world's biggest material handling and intralogistics tradeshows.

31 January 2023

FIFO Rack vs Kanban Rack: Which is right for you?

Flow racks are important in material handling. It organizes inventory and ensure they are accessible on the shop floor. The flow racks provide manufacturers with increased efficiency. However, determining the options that work best for your facilities requires extensive analysis.

8 December 2022

FlexQube receives robot cart order worth $285 000

FlexQube has received an order for 8 eQart® Line robotic carts to a customer in USA worth a total of $285 000.

8 December 2022

FlexQube receives orders worth $350 000 to aerospace- and defense company

FlexQube has received two orders worth a total of $350 000 to a company active in the aerospace- and defense sector. The carts will be used at their North America facilities, sold by FlexQube Inc.

5 December 2022

FlexQube is happy to welcome AGV America as our new dealer in Texas, USA

FlexQube is very happy to welcome AGV America as our new dealer within Texas, USA.

23 November 2022

FlexQube receives orders worth $600 000 in Mexico

FlexQube has received two orders worth a total of $600 000. The orders are for mechanical carts in combination with the tugger train solution under the brand of Liftrunner. The orders will be delivered in 2023.

25 October 2022

How much does an AGV cost?

The Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV, is getting increased attention across industries, especially within intra-logistics and manufacturing.

20 June 2022

FlexQube's Automate 2022 Highlights

Highlights from Automate 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.

16 June 2022

Optimizing Warehouse Layout For Efficiency And Safety

Discover how to create your warehouse layout, enhance safety and efficiency, and how to build the right warehouse floor plan.

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