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“It’s allowed the material handlers to not have to touch the material. They hook it up to a tugger cart, it’s sent down to the other end, which it is then taken off the cart and applied to the finished goods, so there are labour savings there.”

Dwayne Maust, Materials Manager at Mithcell Plastics in Alabama, USA

A safer environment for Mitchell Plastics

Mitchell Plastics was able to automate their flow of goods through the facility while also creating a safer process. The eQart has ensured that everyone creates an environment so the eQart is able to complete its task. The facility needs the eQart to finish its path and this has led to a few added benefits including a cleaner and safer environment. This is due to the fact that the path cannot be blocked, so operators have needed to ensure that the main route is free of random objects blocking the way leading to a more organized space. It has also eliminated the risk of a tugger driver speeding to get to their next station if they are behind or to dangerously drive off the path if there is something blocking the way.

A flexible solution with flexible financing

In the beginning stages of this process, Mitchell Plastics didn’t set out necessarily to get into an automation project. However, after purchasing FlexQube tugger carts they came learnt about the eQart through a FlexQube sales representative. Discussions began about the benefits of combining our tugger carts with our eQart and a project began to take shape. To make the process as easy as possible FlexQube outlined the flexible finance options that were available to all eQart customers. These included short term leasing options which counted back to the purchasing price. This turned automation into reality for Mitchell Plastics implementing the FlexQube eQart.

“It allows for a much safer environment. A tugger driver is more apt to be in a hurry if he is behind, he is more apt to vary a little off his path and put himself at risk or someone else to try and get around something. This forces there to be nothing in its way and it forces everybody to do things the right way so that the eQart goes around its path on time.”

Dwayne Maust, Materials Manager at Mithcell Plastics in Alabama, USA

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