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The only certainty is change.

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FlexQube Material Handling pallet carts

The modern factory

The modern factory is undergoing a slow but inevitable change. With change comes many opportunities but at the same many threats. Until you have the knowledge and tools to navigate these threats, you will be forever fighting an uphill battle.

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Floor space

Increased Parts & Variants

Because of the increased personalization in all products, there has been an even greater increase in parts and variants on the manufacturing side. In the past, much of the floor space was taken by the assembly produce; however, that is now changing. An ever-increasing amount of the floor space is being taken up by material handling.

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Greater need to prepare the material

Because of the increasing number of parts and materials, an increased amount of time is spent organizing. These parts need to be unpackaged and then prepared for delivery to the assembly line. A common strategy for doing this is by organizing the materials into specific “kits”. This makes the assembly of the final product much easier for the operator, as the materials are prepared prior to delivery, thereby speeding up the assembly line.

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Internal efficiency

More frequent deliveries

Another side effect of having a more significant number of products needing to be placed along the assembly line is an increase in internal deliveries. Because of this, many manufacturing facilities need to be focused on improving internal efficiency, thereby ensuring there are improved methods of transporting goods, such as tugger train systems and AGVs, and reducing forklift usage.

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Future adoptions

Shorter product life cycles

Another driver of change is the shorter product life cycles. This means that manufacturing lines and set-ups will need to be prepared for a totally new product every few years. Using inflexible material handling carts makes this whole process a budget nightmare – considering these carts need to be scrapped and then replaced with new material handling carts. FlexQube carts can easily adapt to such a huge process change. Re-designs can be done online with one of our engineers and the new parts can be sent directly to your facility, making this whole process much smoother.

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