Transfer cart - 840 x 700 mm


All Carts are Customizable!

Amt.Part numberName
10Q-001-1306FlexBeam™ 770 mm
4Q-001-1407FlexBeam™ 700 mm FE
2Q-001-1409FlexBeam™ 560 mm FE
8Q-001-1411FlexBeam™ 420 mm FE
2Q-002-1162Flexplate™ M10
14Q-002-1369FlexPlate™ half
1Q-004-1360Floor Brake LTL 125
1Q-005-1146Spherical Knob
40Q-005-142664 mm FlexBeam™ Collet
4Q-005-1722Wheel Attachment 80 x 60 mm
8Q-006-1011M6 x 16 mm Allen Head
36Q-006-1018M6 x 20 K6S 10.9 Round Head (black)
2Q-006-1030Washer 10,5x30x2,5
3Q-006-1041M10 x 25 mm Hex Head
63Q-006-1042Locking Nut M10
12Q-006-1043Washer M10
8Q-006-1050Locking Nut M6
2Q-006-1132M10 x 90 mm Hex Head
6Q-006-1161M10 x 30 mm Hex Head
16Q-006-1181Locking Nut M8
1Q-006-1361Extra low head [1,5 mm] M10x40 mm
39Q-006-1381 M10 x 90 mm Extra Low Head
122Q-006-1384Self Tapping Screw M6 Torx H60x16
14Q-006-1410M10 x 25 mm Extra Low Head Allen
16Q-006-1282M8 x 20 Countersunk
8Q-005-1356Beam to Beam Corner Plate
1Q-015-0026Handlebar Attachment EUR
1Q-015-0027Handlebar / Floor brake attachment EUR
1Q-015-0043Tube for handlebar EUR 490 mm
4Q-005-0265Caster to Beam Attachment 80 x 60 mm
2Q-005-0290Locking Guide Plate
2Q-004-1221Caster Polyure. 125 mm 80x60 Fixed
2Q-005-0343Rotation handle and lock 420 mm
2Q-004-1220Caster Polyurathane 125 mm 80 x 60 Swivel
2Q-005-0469Spring Threaded Tube Connectors
2Q-005-0429L-Bracket Joint - 70 x 70 mm
1Q-005-0713Indexing plunger GN 717-8-M12x1,5-B-ST
1Q-006-0022M12 Nut
20Q-003-0039M8 Steel Roller - 400 mm
2Q-003-0112Steel Roller Fixture side - 700 mm
2Q-003-0115Steel Roller Fixture - 700 mm
1Q-025-0721Outer Tube (No Plate) - 720 mm

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