3 in 1 Mother/Daughter - 2870 x 1050 mm


All Carts are Customizable!


Duaghter cart for transportation of doors or plates. The daughter carts are connected to the mother with a simple guide rail and can be locked in place during transportation. The mother cart is used to drive the fully loaded daughter carts to work stations, then the empty mother can go out to the warehouse again and pick up more daughter carts. After the new set of daughter carts have been dropped of the mother can bring the empty ones back to the warehouse to be refilled. 

The mother cart is equipped 5 high quality polyurethane casters, 4 swivel and 1 fixed aswell as a tongue and hitch tow bar for smooth and silent transportation. This type of solution can be modified with different dimensions, amount of and type of daughter carts and tow bar. 

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