Amt.Part numberName
4Q-001-1301FlexBeam™ 1120 mm
4Q-001-1303FlexBeam™ 980 mm
2Q-001-1311FlexBeam™ 420 mm
2Q-001-1400FlexBeam™ 1190 mm FE
3Q-001-1402FlexBeam™ 1050 mm FE
2Q-001-1409FlexBeam™ 560 mm FE
4Q-002-1050Stiffener - Outside
10Q-002-1162Flexplate™ M10
8Q-005-1146Spherical Knob
12Q-005-1320Hinge GN237_50x50
56Q-005-142664 mm FlexBeam™ Collet
2Q-005-1580Heavy Duty Joint M10
2Q-005-1722Wheel Attachment 80 x 60 mm
75Q-006-1041M10 x 25 mm Hex Head
114Q-006-1042Locking Nut M10
12Q-006-1043Washer M10
48Q-006-1050Locking Nut M6
6Q-006-1088M10 x 95 mm Hex Head
32Q-006-1132M10 x 90 mm Hex Head
24Q-006-1181Locking Nut M8
6Q-006-1195Nut M10
52Q-006-1197M6 x 16 mm Countersunk Allen Head
2Q-006-1208Hex Head M10x40
36Q-006-1381 M10 x 90 mm Extra Low Head
246Q-006-1384Self Tapping Screw M6 Torx H60x16
9Q-006-1409M10 x 16 mm Low Allen Head
9Q-006-1410M10 x 25 mm Extra Low Head Allen
2Q-004-1363125 mm Swivel Caster
2Q-004-1364125 mm Swivel Caster with Brake
8Q-005-1880Locking Handle Plate
8Q-006-1282M8 x 20 Countersunk
16Q-006-1214M8 x 16 mm Countersunk
6Q-005-0031L Bracket Joint
8Q-001-1501FlexBeam™ 1330 mm FE
4Q-001-1296FlexBeam™ 1470 mm
2Q-004-1365125 mm Fixed Caster
2Q-015-0026Handlebar Attachment EUR
1Q-015-0033Tube for Handlebar EUR
2Q-000-0071Outer Tube (One Plate) 210 mm
6Q-005-0265Caster to Beam Attachment 80 x 60 mm
6Q-005-0085M10 Threaded rod 350 mm
55Q-005-0469Spring Threaded Tube Connectors
14Q-005-0483Triangle Joint
1Q-025-1120Outer Tube (No Plate) - 1120 mm
1Q-025-1260Outer Tube (No Plate) - 1260 mm
2Q-001-1507FlexBeam 1750 mm STS FE
48Q-025-0140Outer tube (no plate) 140 mm
2Q-005-0874C-Profile Holder
6Q-005-0892Divider for Shelf - 1120 mm
4Q-005-0893Flip Lock Plate - 140 x 1600 mm
1Q-005-0979Fork Tunnel EU - 1288 mm
1Q-016-0700Top Plate - 490 x 1190 mm
2Q-016-0830Flat Shelf Welded - 1190 x 1610 mm

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