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FlexQube was founded in 2010. The founders are three young and ambitious persons with different backgrounds and experiences but they had one thing in common; they loved playing with Lego® when they were kids but they wanted to continue doing that and hence developed FlexQube®.

FlexQube develops and offers a flexible system of few standardized components that can be used to build industrial material handling applications, e.g. pallet carts, racks, kit carts, fixtures etc. Due to that the products can be re-used and adjusted, the concept saves both time and capital when the application is re-configurated. This also means that a more ergonomic and safe working environment can be achieved.

Since we started in a cold garage in the middle of Sweden a lot has happened. We have customers all over the world, several sales and production locations (in Europe and North America) and a growing organization of amazing skillful people. Our team is dedicated to always offer the best solutions to our customers and work with the mindset “less is more”. We love to be challenged by our customers and our number one priority is to every day learn more about our customers’ needs.

We are the leader in designing, developing and delivering the most flexible material handling concept in the industry. Are you ready to jump on the FlexQube train?



FlexQube's business idea is to develop and offer a flexible system with few standardized components for safe, ergonomic and cost efficient logistics.

The company's head quarters and distrubution center for Europe is placed in Sweden and for the US production and distribution is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Innovation is important for the FlexQube® Team. We believe that constant improvements of products and processes are vital for a company's development.

We see all of our customers and suppliers as partners. That's why it's very important for us to always make sure our products have a high quality and the contact with our staff is clear and rewarding.

Hopefully you'll find our buisness interesting so we can grow together! 

FlexQube® industrial carts - offices localization
FlexQube® industrial carts - offices localization

FlexQube® industrial carts - offices localization

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Our CEO- Anders Andy Legut

Hi! I’m the FlexQube representative for your region. Please contact me at +1 (734) 624 2121 or leave a message below and I will get back to you shortly.