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5 March 2018

FlexQube Launches a new Product Catalog!

FlexQube Launches a new Product Catalog!

Find the English Product Catalog here.

Find the German Product Catalog here.

Find the Spanish Product Catalog here.

Find the Italian Product Catalog here.

2018 is shaping up to be one of FlexQube’s biggest years yet! We will be exhibiting at 4 different trade shows in 4 different countries in the first half of 2018 (find out where you can meet FlexQube) and to top that off we have now launched an updated product catalog. Our aim for this catalog was to give the reader a grasp on how diverse and how flexible the FlexQube concept can be. 

In this catalog you will be able to find: 

  • An updated section about how FlexQube can help you “Support and create the optimized plant” as well as the benefits of the FlexQube offer. 
  • The basics of the Flex Qube carts including the basic design of a FlexQube cart, including FlexBeams, FlexTubes, FlexPlates, casters, attachments, fastners, and bolts. 
  • Case studies from FlexQube customers 
  • DesignOnDemand™ – when it’s time for you to finally get your new solution designed, FlexQUbe offers a revolutionary way of creating a design in front of you, in real time, in an interactive online meeting. 
  • A more in-depth overview of the type of product categories the FlexQube concept can help you create to adapt to your constantly evolving material handling needs. 

This product catalog, will be distributed by FlexQube from early March. If you are in special need for a physical copy, please contact us at [email protected] for a special shipment. 

If you are looking for a heavy duty & flexible solution contacts us on [email protected]

[email protected]





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